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FUNauctions provides the following services to make sure your event is a success

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Live Auctioneering

CASAblanca_onstageAs a professional auctioneer, Gayle Stallings has an engaging and elegant style. She has the ability to connect powerfully with your audience. She will promote your organization and its mission, as well as a staff member or volunteer would. She has mastered the art and science behind auctioneering to motivate and inspire the highest bidding to set new fundraising records. See Gayle in action on the Event Gallery page!

Unlimited Pre-Auction Consulting

Seminar_Gayle_1As one of the rare auctioneers who offers unlimited pre-auction consulting, Gayle will cover every topic from A to Z. She will work with you to discuss the event-planning process before, during and after your event. She will conduct a venue site visit prior to your event date and provide detailed preparation so there are no surprises on the big night.


Record-breaking Fund-A-Need / Paddles Up

Record-breaking Fund-A-Need / Paddles UpGayle Stallings and the FUNauctions team doesn’t leave money in the room, especially with the Fund-A-Need (FAN). We have ways to make sure we help you raise more money and receive more donations than ever before for your organization. By setting new fundraising records for organizations, FUNauctions has established its reputation and is asked to return year after year. Check out testimonials about some record setting events.

Silent Auction Strategy

Silent Auction StrategyDuring the pre-auction consulting process, Gayle Stallings will share her effective strategies of determining how many items you need to deciding the best time to close bidding on silent auction items. She has ways of establishing a smooth process and showing your organization how to develop a strong list of supporters for the silent auction with positive feedback on the items in the silent auction.

“Mini-Live” Auctions

"Mini-Live" AuctionsOn the night of the event, Gayle Stallings will bring her passion and energy to talk up the silent auction, Big Board or Super Silent Auctions. Gayle helps the organization receive the most for each item during these “mini-live” auctions and ensures a smooth transition from one auction event to the next. These “mini-live” auctions have a certain time limit on them where people write down or verbally give their bid amount. Gayle will work with you to determine the right strategey for your event.

Games / Raffle Giveaways

CASAblanca_We have a winnerBefore the start of a live auction, Gayle Stallings provides interactive games such as “Heads or Tails”, dessert auctions or centerpiece auctions to engage the whole audience. These are fun ways to announce the winner of a raffle giveaway and build momentum for the upcoming live auction.

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Assistant Floor Auctioneers

Assistant Floor AuctioneersGayle Stallings will bring the FUNauctions professional team of assistant floor auctioneers to the event. This is optional but strongly encouraged. A professional team will bring more money than a stand-alone auctioneer. Her team will work with your organizations’ volunteers to utilize their energy and support at the event.


Training of Volunteers

FiremenWhether the night of the event or a rehearsal the week before, the FUNauctions team will train your organization’s volunteer bid spotters and bid clerks to be sure they understand their roles and responsibilities to create a fun and successful event.





Large or Small Events

CASblanc_BallroomAre you planning a large extravagant event or a small event? Either way, the FUNauctions team would love to support your event. From large international organizations to private schools, we have a breadth of experience raising money for large and small events. So whether you are raising $25,000 or $1 million dollars we can support you and the mission of your organization.

Dressing for Your Theme

ThinkeryWant to create a truly memorable and magical event? How about an event with a theme? Gayle and the FUNauctions team will bring their creative passion, enthusiasm and experience to make your vision a reality. Gayle and her team have dressed up in themes that include the Roaring 20s, 50s, 60s, Super Heroes, Hawaiian Nights, Surreal Fantasy, Magic, Western, black-tie, cocktail, and business attire.